Destination Wedding Shipping Package

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Do you have a destination wedding? We can provide services to send your gown to your destination.

  1. Send your gown to us with our mailer kit. We will press and package your gown for shipment.
  2. We will ship your gown to your destination at the requested date.
  3. Your gown will arrive pressed and safely packaged. Please understand it will likely need some steaming so it looks perfect.
  4. When your destination wedding is over, you can ship your gown directly back to us from the hotel. Using the same container we shipped the gown to your hotel.
  5. When we receive the gown we will clean and preserve your gown in our preservation box.
  6. When the gown is finished, we will send it to your new address.

No need to fly with your gown on a plane. No need to try and pack your gown for travel. 

The gown will arrive at the destination in a large hanging garment box and likely only need light steaming.

Many arrangements need to be made when ordering this service. If this service is for you, please give us a call and we can discuss the arrangements. 800.232.0792

Shipping Insurance is included for this service, up to $1000 per shipment.

Currently, we do offer international shipping. If you an international destination. Please call us before purchasing this service, some international destinations we are able to accommodate.

Some customers do need the full service of this package, because they are able to easily travel with the gown. Many customers, however, will order our clean and preservation package and take the mailer kit with them to the destination and send us the gown directly from the hotel after the wedding. If you would like information for this service. Please contact us so we can arrange this for you.