How to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

We all have been there. We buy the most beautiful & comfortable dress that we just want to last forever. But after two wears it seems to be already piling and is outstretched! Oh no! 

In most cases, this is preventable. Granted, a lot of clothes these days due to the fast fashion industry are not made with quality materials and craft. Because of this, they are more prone to damage and wear easier than other garments. 

Ways Increase Your Clothing's Longevity

In this blog we will review ways to keep our clothes lasting longer, so we can continue to wear our favorite outfits for years to come. 


Follow the Care Labels on Your Garment 

 Be sure to always follow your garment care tag when learning about how to increase the longevity of your garment

Garment tags are there for a reason. It is important that you follow them because this will help protect the longevity of your clothes. 


Learn How to Properly Wash Your Clothes

Here are ways to increase the longevity of your clothes, along with home laundry tips for you!

Doing Laundry isn’t just throwing everything tightly into the wash and walking away. To properly do laundry, it takes more time and effort if you want your clothes to look their best. 


Don’t Wash After Every Wear

 ways to increase the longevity of your clothes | ways you can make your clothes last longer | tips and advice

With outerwear (i.e. shirts, dresses, etc.) washing them after one wear is not only a waste of time & water, but it also wears your clothes down over time. If you wear an outfit and no strenuous activity was done, wear it again until it NEEDS to be cleaned. 


Avoid Certain Activities in Certain Clothes

 Ways to increase the longevity of your clothes | how to make your clothes last longer

Performing certain activities in certain clothes can cause more strain on the fabric. The best example of this is pants. When wearing a nice pair of pants, don’t plan to go play rugby after it just rained. 


Bring Damaged Items to a Seamstress

 When your clothes and garments get damamged, don't throw them away! Bring them here for alteration and repair services

If you lose a button, sequin or a tear occurs, don’t throw your outfit away! Bring it to the seamstress and SAVE money. 


Don’t Overuse the Iron

 don't overuse the iron | ways to increase the longevity of your clothes |

The worst case scenario when using an iron too much is iron burn. But also overusing the iron in general will cause your clothes to fade quicker than they should. 


Use a Depiller

Renew your clothes by using a depiller | ways to increase the longevity of your clothes and garments

Sweaters and flannel pills are recurring. Just because your garment is doing this doesn’t mean that is done for. It just means that it needs to be de-pilled. 


We hope that this blog was informative and helpful! If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us! 

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