Leather Jacket Cleaning


Leather cleaning is a specialized process designed to maintain the natural appearance and texture of leather and suede garments. Leather possesses unique characteristics such as breathability, visible veins, ticks, and scars, all of which demand a deep understanding for proper cleaning. Various dyeing and pigmentation techniques are used in leather garments and accessories to achieve different looks. Our expertise lies in comprehending colors, dyes, garment construction, and the diverse types of leather. We take pride in our meticulous approach to every task at LeatherCareUSA, where all items undergo cleaning, refinishing, and pressing as part of our comprehensive cleaning service.

A professional leather cleaning service entails more than just cleaning; it encompasses the vital step of refinishing or recoloring leather garments. This is where our decades of experience come into play. We skillfully mix colors to match each garment precisely. Our aim is to replicate the intended appearance and texture envisioned by the designer. For suede restoration, we employ oils and dyes, along with protective treatments to enhance durability.

Offering professional leather service also requires a skilled repair and alteration team well-versed in garment construction. Our team of experienced seamstresses and tailors enables us to provide a wide range of alterations and repairs. Their expertise allows us to carry out tasks such as hardware replacement, delicate disassembly and reassembly for separate cleaning, and fulfilling customer-specific repair requests. Services include zipper replacements, button replacements, creating new linings, and shortening sleeves, among others.

Following the cleaning, refinishing, and repair/alteration processes, the leather items are then meticulously pressed. This final touch is essential to present each garment at its best. Our skilled professionals employ tension equipment, utility presses, forms, brushes, buffers, and other tools to achieve the desired appearance for every piece.


Professional Care = Professional Results

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Services Offered

  • Leather Cleaning for garments such as jackets, coats, motorcycle gear, varsity jackets, shirts, blouses and more
  • Suede Garment Cleaning
  • Fur Garment Cleaning, both natural fur and synthetic fur
  • Footwear cleaning from Flip-flops to UGG boots
  • Handbags, wallets, clutches, coin purses cleaning and re-coloring
  • Cleaning of all outerwear items made of fabric like wool, cotton, rain gear, etc.
  • Mixed material cleaning, items with leather or fur trim for example
  • Faux Leather and Faux Suede cleaning
  • Leather Saddles and equestrienne goods
  • Repairs and Alterations for leather and suede
  • Water Repellent Only applications

    LeatherCareUSA before and after of moldy moto jacket

    Leather Handbags and Accessories

    Accessories such as handbags and wallets are part of every person's wardrobe. LeatherCareUSA provides expert cleaning and color restoration. We remove stains and spills from daily use. We can touch up the color on the entire bag or just parts of the bag. Color restoration is included in the cleaning price along with conditioning.

    What is leather refinishing?

    Leather refinishing, also known as leather reconditioning or leather restoration, is a process in which the surface of a leather item is revitalized to improve its appearance, texture, and overall condition. Over time, leather can lose its luster, develop scratches, fade, or show signs of wear and tear. Leather refinishing aims to address these issues and restore the leather to a more like-new or improved state.
    The process of leather refinishing typically involves the following steps:
    1. Cleaning: The leather item is thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt, dust, oils, and other contaminants that may have accumulated on the surface. This provides a clean base for subsequent refinishing steps.
    2. Color Restoration: If the leather has faded or lost its color vibrancy, color restoration is performed. This may involve applying dyes or pigments that closely match the original color of the leather. Care is taken to ensure an even and natural-looking color restoration.
    3. Repair: Any visible scratches, cracks, or blemishes on the leather's surface are repaired as possible. 
    4. Conditioning: Leather conditioning products are applied to restore moisture and suppleness to the leather fibers. Conditioning helps prevent the leather from becoming brittle and helps maintain its natural sheen.
    5. Finishing: A protective topcoat or finish is applied to the leather to provide a barrier against further damage, enhance durability, and provide a polished appearance. Different finishes can achieve different effects, from matte to glossy.
    6. Buffing and Polishing: The leather is carefully buffed and polished to achieve a smooth and consistent texture. This step enhances the shine and overall appearance of the leather.

      Leather refinishing can be performed on various leather items, including clothing, bags, furniture, and accessories. It requires expertise and knowledge of different leather types, dyeing techniques, and finishing products to achieve satisfactory results. Professional leather care specialists often have the skills and experience to effectively carry out leather refinishing procedures.
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      What is included with the leather cleaning service?

      All leather garments that we clean include: cleaning, conditioning, re-coloring, pressing and deodorization.
      Currently, all garments that are sent to LeatherCareUSA for cleaning have free shipping, from the customer to our facility and back.
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      Industry Leader.

      Member of the Professional Leather Cleaners Association(PLCA). A trade association that focuses on the commitment to continuing education of our craft. We are proud of what we do and strive to continually educate ourselves and our fellow leather cleaning professionals. You can visit the PLCA website for information on our trade group. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND A PROFESSIONAL. Leather cleaning is not dry cleaning. There are few shops in the country that offer professional level service.

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      We offer wholesale services. U.S. Leather Cleaning provides suede, leather, fur cleaning and repair to over a thousand of dry cleaning stores throughout the Midwest. If you own a dry cleaning company or shoe shop and are in need of a wholesale service provider please give us a call. If we don't service your area, we know who does. We offer a wide variety of specialty services, including wedding gown cleaning and preservation. We also can advise on dry cleaning business or technical issues. Give us call. A combined 100-years of experience in our facility. 
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