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LeathercareUSA.com launched in 2016 as a focused online brand of Sunshine Cleaners Company LLC. Happilyeverafterpreservation.com was started in 2018 to focus on the specialty wedding gown services offered by the company.  By operating with a more specific brand names, Sunshine Cleaners is able differentiate their services and offerings from traditional dry cleaners. LeathercareUSA is owned and operated by Schwegmann's Sunshine Cleaners, Inc. and its principal owners Jeff Schwegmann and Greg Schwegmann. Jeff and Greg purchased their business from their fathers and uncles, and are the fourth generation of their family to own and run the business.

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Sunshine Cleaners began in 1945 on Colerain Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio and was owned by Joseph Henry Schwegmann Sr. and his partner Bill Kreeb.

Joseph Henry Schwegmann Jr. began working for the company in 1947, working after high school and during holidays from school.

After Joseph Henry Schwegmann Sr.’s death in 1956, Joseph Henry Schwegmann Jr. bought his mother and father’s share of the business.  It was at that time that Joseph Henry Schwegmann Jr. began his working partnership with Bill Kreeb,

Sunshine move to Cheviot, OH on Harrison Ave in 1962 after the construction of I-74 took the property on which the building was originally located. Bill Kreeb retired in 1974 and Joseph Henry Schwegmann Jr purchased the remaining portion of the business to become sole owner of the company.

Sunshine Cleaners entered the suede and leather business in 1970, after a downturn in the dry-cleaning industry led by the introduction of polyester. Polyester greatly reduced the dependency for clothing care by dry cleaners and people were able to wash and care for some their garments at home. Shortly after that, Joseph Henry Schwegmann Jr son's entered the business: Greg Thomas Schwegmann in 1970, Joseph Edward Schwegmann in 1974 and Jeffrey Raymond Schwegmann in 1977. Joseph Henry Schwegmann Jr retired in 1987 and the third generation purchased the business as equal partners. Under their leadership,Sunshine Suede Company grew to become a leader in the suede and leather cleaning industry. They also expanded the business by partnering with other specialty cleaners around the country to begin Prestige Preservation Program in 1998. Referred to as PPP, Prestige specializes in the cleaning and preservation of wedding gowns and other keepsakes. PPP has an exclusive process that allows them to offer an international lifetime guarantee on the gown that it will not yellow or oxidize.

In 2003, Sunshine Cleaners opened its new state of the art facility in Silver Grove, Kentucky. This new facility allowed the owners to take advantage of a new technology in dry-cleaning called GreenEarth© Cleaning. In conjunction with GreenEarth™, Sunshine invested in a new cleaning system called Leather Solutions©. This system allows for the best leather and suede cleaning available. The new floor plan and new cleaning processes has kept Sunshine ahead of the competition while being environmentally friendly.

Jeff Schwegmann Biography

Jeff Schwegmann, Jr. joined Sunshine in 2001 as a leather press operator, eventually working his way around to learn the craft of each position within the company. By 2006, he had joined his father and uncle in their family ownership of the company. Mr. Schwegmann obtained a Bachelor Degree of Science from Northern Kentucky University College of Business in Business Administration. Mr. Schwegmann has received certifications from the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute(DLI). He has received accreditation as a Certified Garment Care Professional, a distinction for members and students that achieve all certifications offered by DLI. Mr. Schwegmann is a Charter Member and Executive Director of the Professional Leather Cleaners Association, a trade group that focuses on technical and business development. Mr. Schwegmann sits on the board of the Prestige Preservation Program, a company that provides preservation products and training to its members who clean and preserve wedding gowns. Mr Schwegmann, serves as the Executive Director of the Prestige Management Group, a cost group that focuses on leather cleaning and businesses development. In 2015, Mr. Schwegmann was elected President of the Midwest Drycleaning and Laundry Association, a dry cleaning trade association representing members from Kentucky and Indiana. Jeff currently serves as General Manager of Sunshine Cleaners and is President of the company. He is married to his wonderful wife Lauren, and they have three young sons.

Greg Thomas Schwegmann Jr. Biography


Greg Thomas Schwegmann began working for Sunshine Cleaners during his sophomore summer of high school. Mr Schwegmann, is the most vital employee of our company. He leads all of our cleaning, finishing and pressing operations. Mr. Schwegmann is a master of his craft and teaches all his employees how to service garments safely and effectively He leads his team by example and is involved in every process of the company. His hard work has put Sunshine Cleaners in contention for the Drycleaning and Laundry Institutes Award of Excellence. Mr Schwegmann currently holds a position on the Midwest Drycleaning and Laundry Association Board of Directors and serves on its continuing education committees aiding in the advancement of dry cleaners technical education. Mr Schwegmann is married to his wonderful and supportive wife Natalie and they have two sons.

Jeff and Greg are cousins. Greg likes to lick windows in his spare time, and has never read what is on the website.


We appreciate your time in reading about our family business. We strive to provide high quality services and appreciate feedback.  - Jeff and Greg