Reasons to Choose Local Businesses Vs. Corporate

reasons to choose Coorporate Vs. Local Business

Coorporate Vs. Local Business

There are many reasons to choose local versus corporate business. Contributing towards your local shop owners will help your community thrive. 

Impeccable Customer Service 

When you choose local, the customer service is much more personable than if you were to choose a corporate store. The people who own the business have a strong root in their community and truly want to make their customers happy. They love their business more often than someone working for a corporate chain. 

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

By choosing local, you reduce your carbon footprint because the amount of travel and shipment necessities have significantly reduced or have been completely eliminated. 

Enrich The Community

By choosing local, you are ensuring that your community is enriched. Local farmers, craftsmen, bakers, etc. are always going to be better than corporate ones. Their items are made with love and care versus profitability. 

Stability During Economic Downturn

Your local businesses’ flourishment will be the bedrock for an economic downturn nationally. By supporting local businesses year round, when an economic downturn inevitably comes, your community will be less affected. 

Better Quality Products

Local business owners often show pride in their work through their craftsmanship and time spent toward their trade.

Infographic | reasons to choose local versus corporate businesses | Why should I choose local businesses instead of corporate businesses?

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