How to be More Eco-Friendly When Doing Laundry


Being eco-friendly not only helps to sustain and protect the earth, but will also save you money. Here are some ways that you can be more eco friendly when doing your laundry. 

using a clothesline is a a great way to be environmentally friendly

Use a Clothesline

Before we even had dryers, we had clotheslines. These are still an effective and eco-friendly way to dry your clothes! If you don’t have a clothes line, there are plenty of portable drying rack options! 

 Recycle your old detergent bottles because this will help to reduce pollution

Purchase Green Laundry Products

There are certain laundry products that are terrible for the environment. Look into making your own detergent, or purchase products made with glass, cardboard or no packaging. If this is not an option, recycle your plastic detergent bottles. 

how to be more ecofriendly when doing laundry | how can I be more ecofriendly when doing laundry? 

Eco-Wash Settings on Washing Machine 

If you are using a small load, use a small load setting versus a large one. This saves water and money.

Makign your own detergent | making your own detergent can reduce your carbon footprint 

Make Your Own Laundry Detergent Free of Harsh Chemicals

This reflects the advice from number two. A great way to ensure that your laundry detergent is free of harsh chemicals is to simply make your own detergent. 

 choosing glass storage containers are better for the environment | which type of containers are eco friendly?

Use Reusable Laundry Detergent Bottles 

If you are able to make your own laundry detergent, opt in for a glass container. A good idea for this is to use glass pitchers. These can easily be found at yard sales, stores, and thrift shops.

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