Wedding Gown Service FAQ

Are there additional charges for heavily soiled gowns?

No we charge one flat rate for servicing gowns. Minor repairs are also included.

Are there additional charges for beading or embellishments?

No, we charge one flat rate for servicing gowns. Removing delicate embellishments and reinstalling them post cleaning is also included. This includes after market added accessories like beaded belts, etc.

Are the gowns insured during transit by FedEx or other carriers?

Yes, the gowns are fully insured during transit and during service.

I lost my paperwork for the gown order, can I get it replaced?

Yes, we can email or snail mail you the paperwork and shipping labels. We can resend the mailer kit also. Just email or call us.

There is no package for Clean and Press, how do I find that?

Our Clean Only service includes pressing. Since we have to ship the finished gown back in the box, we do not feel we can call it cleaning and pressing. It is likely that the dress will need some light pressing and steaming when removed from the package. So we do not offer clean and press for that reason. If you come into our store locally, then we will press the gown for the wedding.

How long does the service typically take?

Service times for cleaning and preservation take approximately 4-6 weeks.

Clean Only normally is two weeks from when received, faster by request and, if available.

Locally to our store, one week for clean and press, two weeks for clean and preserve. We have the ability to do next day pressing for those weddings in a hurry, but you must request the service and it is subject to availability.

I have different addresses for the mailer kit and the return package, what do I do?

This is a very common question. We can send the mailer kit to one address and the finished gown to another. You will receive a Gown Detail Form in your mailer kit. Please indicate this request on that form in the area for the address. We will update your account when we receive the gown. You can also email us this information and we will take it from there.

Can I send the garment bag the gown came in?

We ask that you keep those at home.

I have more than two accessories?

We can accommodate more than two accessories. We can also package additional accessories in a separate smaller preservation box for $99.00 additional, if you would like your accessories separated from the dress.

Will I get tracking emails for the shipments?

Every time there is a shipment, you will get a tracking email. We will not send the the finished gown back until you are notified by email. We do not want you to be on vacation or unavailable for the return shipment. There will be a signature required for the return shipment. We can change the return shipping address. We recommend a business address if it is available to you at work.

This is our wedding gown box.