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Your Trusted Partner for Wholesale Leather and Wedding Dress Care

A Legacy of Excellence

Established in 1945, Sunshine Cleaners has been family-owned and operated for generations. With a commitment to quality and trust, we proudly offer wholesale leather cleaning and wedding dress cleaning services to dry cleaners and boutiques nationwide.

Serving the Industry

Every week, we extend our services to over 1000 store fronts. Our reliable and consistent approach has made us a preferred choice for businesses seeking premium care for their clients' garments.

Seamless Account Setup

Are you a dry cleaner in search of a wholesale provider? Contacting us is the first step towards establishing a successful partnership. Experience our exceptional services and inquire about our new customer promotion. Just reach out via the form below or email us at jeff@sunshinecleaners.com. We make account setup a breeze and can get you started within the same day.

Comprehensive Services

Explore our range of offerings that cater to your diverse needs:

  • Leather and Suede Cleaning
  • Fur Cleaning and Glazing
  • Alterations and Repairs for Leather and Fur
  • Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation
  • Textile Cleaning

Convenience Redefined: No Shipping Hassles

We understand convenience matters. All wholesale accounts include shipping in our pricing. Say goodbye to shipping accounts and extra charges. We provide the necessary materials and there are no shipping fees.

Unlock Your Price Book

Curious about our pricing options? Ask for your personalized price book today. As a warm welcome, new accounts receive a $100 bill credit—just mention the promo code STARTLEATHER. Existing customers, we've got something for you too. Refer a fellow dry cleaning company and enjoy the same credit.

Contact Us Today

Have questions or ready to take the next step? Give us a call at 800.232.0792 or send an email to jeff@sunshinecleaners.com. Our team is here to assist and support your business needs.

Dedicated Wholesale Services Site

For an in-depth look at our wholesale services, visit our website at usleathercleaning.com. We're excited to partner with you, backed by years of experience and an unwavering commitment to providing top-notch care for leather and wedding dresses.


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