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Our Cleaning Systems - Find out more.Sunshine maintains a variety of cleaning systems in order to provide customers with best cleaning options for their goods. We use GreenEarth™ cleaning, which offers our customers the safest and most environmentally friendly option for clothing and home goods. We also offer an advanced wet cleaning system that allows us to wet-clean items that cannot normally be processed in this manner. Our wet cleaning system allows for better stain removal and maintains the feel and look of the item that normally would be dry cleaned.

The Science Behind Our Difference
To understand why GreenEarth™ is a better way to dry clean, you should understand what it's not. GreenEarth™ is not a harsh chemical like perc. Perc is a bit of a clothes bully. It is heavy and aggressive. It cleans by dissolving things it shouldn't. Like delicate ornamentation, dye, optical brighteners and special finishes.

GreenEarth™ silicone dry cleaning solvent is different. It is lightweight and gentle, has low surface tension and is non-reactive. It cleans by sliding thought the fibers, attracting soils into suspension and lubricating them away without rubbing, swelling or causing damage. GreenEarth™ can also be purified with energy intrusive processes required by petrochemicals. Optimized filtration technologies enable GreenEarth™ to clean using more than 50% less energy, water and detergent that either conventional dry cleaning and/or high-efficiency home laundry.


Sunshine maintains multiple cleaning systems. We have what you need to maintain your clothing. If it is mustard on the tie or coffee on the blouse, we have the experience, resources and know-how to give your clothes the treatment they need. Your clothes will come back to you looking fresh and new. Plus, our cleaning systems are environmentally friendly. No odors or harsh chemicals. You can feel the difference.

Shirt Laundry and Polo Service

Sunshine offers the best shirt in town. With our advanced wet cleaning systems and our Sankosha finishing equipment, we can provide our customers the best shirt around. While others send them out or have outdated equipment, we do all our work in our production facility. Shirts large, small, wide and tall - all can be finished on our equipment. And if it doesn't fit, we can always hand finish too!
We also can clean and press Polo shirts.

Don't spend all your time ironing or worse not ironing.
Need them in a hurry? No problem, give us a call and we can help.
Laundered Shirt on a hanger: $2.75
Laundered Shirt folded in a box: $3.95
Polo shirt cleaned/pressed/hanger: $2.75

Home Goods

Blankets, comforters, pillows, drapes...the list goes on and on. Sunshine provides services to clean many of your household items. Trust Sunshine and its Green Earth cleaning methods to have your home goods cleaned and smelling fresh and new.
We also offer pillow cleaning and renovation. We clean and re-tick(recover) feather, down, and synthetic filled pillows. We can make any pillow look like brand new. We special order brand new pillows and make custom pillows. Pillow renovation can a much less expensive option than replacing expensive down pillows. Sunshine also can clean decorator cushions and throw pillows.

Alterations and Repairs

Hem too long in your pants? Sleeves too long? Zipper not working? We can help! Our tailors and seamstresses can alter and repair just about any garment. Sunshine employs several tailors and seamstresses to provide a full-line of alterations and repairs. Give us a call, we can answer a wide variety of questions regarding repairs and alterations.
Sunshine also repairs and alters suede, leather and furs. So if that jacket has a rip or tear, don't let it hang in the closet, call us and we will mend your jacket to get it looking as new as possible.
Don't forget that you can have zipper pulls replaced and entire new zippers put into your garments. We carry a full-line of YKK zippers, the best quality in zippers. We can also special order the tricky ones. So before you buy a new jacket or coat, let us put a new zipper in and make it as good as new.

Turn around time for most repairs is two-weeks. Rush service is available, and subject to availability. Call or email for appointments for fittings.

Fur Cleaning & Storage

The cleaning and glazing of furs requires experience and know-how. Sunshine cleans furs, both natural and faux, using a non-immersion process referred-to as the furrier method. This method protects the integrity of the pelts used in construction of your fur, and allows for the removal of containment's. Stain removal is done by hand, as gently as possible. Furs are gently tumbled in a specialized machine using a fur-cleaning solution. Linings are hand cleaned to remove soil. Linings are pressed and any repairs to the fur and the lining seams are made as needed. Great care is taken to produce a beautiful, luxurious fur garment for the customer.

Leather Cleaning

Visit our page dedicated to leather cleaning.

Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation

Visit our page dedicated to wedding gown cleaning and preservation.

 Fur Storage

Fur storage is a critical part of any fur's life span. Sunshine stores all furs in a temperature and humidity controlled storage vault, the ideal storage environment for optimum fur care. This keeps natural oils from drying out and maintains the sheen and luster.

Furs are insured for $300 value while in our possession. Additional insurance coverage is available, but most garment owners have a fur floater policy attached to their homeowners insurance that covers the full-declared value of the garment. Insurance to that deductible is recommended, but not necessary.

Sunshine offers fur repairs and alterations.

Wholesale Services

Sunshine provides suede, leather, fur cleaning and repair to thousands of dry cleaners throughout the Midwest. If you own a dry cleaning company and are in need of a service provider please give us a call. If we don't service your area, we know who does. We offer a wide variety of specialty services, including wedding gown cleaning and preservation. We also can advise on other dry cleaning business and technical issues. Give us call. Over a combined 100 years of experience in our facility.

Consultation Services

Retail And Manufacture Services

Sunshine provides services to retail stores and to manufactures helping maintain the quality and integrity of their inventories. Retail Shops can protect and restore their inventories using Sunshine's services. Manufactures can find sources for correcting defects such as crocking or spewing, or hardware issues with snaps, zippers and other closures. Sunshine also can support retail stores with warranty issues.

Consultation Services

Sunshine offers support manufactures with consultation services.
We offer consultation services for the following:
  • Garment product testing in a variety of cleaning mediums (solvents and water)
  • Garment construction analysis related to dry clean-ability of items and service results post cleaning
  • Care label consultation and guidelines for compliance
  • Practical expectations of how materials selected for garment construction will turn out in the field
  • Combined analysis coordination using various certified labs and one point of contact for multiple services
  • Consult on developing a post retail sale marketing plan; re-connecting the customer to the brand and the brand's website