SPOT-BUSTER® - 6740 - All-Purpose Spotter

SPOT-BUSTER® - 6740 - All-Purpose Spotter

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Stamford 6740 Spot-Buster® is a versatile wet-side spotting agent that will effectively remove ground-in soil, perspiration and other difficult stains. An outstanding prespotter, penetrant, and wetting agent. It is mixed with 4 parts water for application by spray or brush or may be used full strength on heavy soil.

Universal Spotter: Mix one part SPOT-BUSTER with four parts water. Apply to stain with spray or brush and clean in usual manner.
Heavy Spotter: Apply SPOT-BUSTER full strength. Work with spatula or brush then flush with water. Dry thoroughly then wash or dryclean.

Safe on most fabrics — test for unstable dyes on an unexposed seam.

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Manufactured in Florence, Kentucky for commercial use only.